A stranger’s heart is not a home.

We met

You talked.

You talked.

You talked.

Special snowflake syndrome,

I thought.

I put you in your place,

you smiled.

I like you,

you’re like me,

he was surprised.

You stole a kiss and then again.

A flurry of feeling crashed over when.

Then, we met again.

Lunch on Sunday.

I discovered quickly, you were my one-day.

We went to yours.

Polished, prepared, presumed.

I fought,

and you consumed.

You took me home.

Mistook home for a castle.

You talked.

You talked.

You talked.

The princess listened, then walked.

That week I devoured your crumbs but starved myself from food.

I just wasn’t in the mood.

You toyed and talked.

And talked.

We fought.

I fought.

I’m worth more than this,

I thought.

Plans were made.

Salt of the earth and salad.

No cuddles, just cold.

I settled.

I settled.

Something’s wrong.

The signs are there.

I ignored.

You talked.

You talked.

You talked.

I wasn’t hungry.

You didn’t care.

You wiped my plate with your pita bread.

Its all about smell, he said.

He joked,

He talked.

He talked.

He talked.

Polished his badge with pride.

He had nothing to hide.

I’m a sociopath, he joked.

I listened when he spoke.

His game continued.

I took all the crumbs I could get.

Then went to bed early,

just to forget.

No use in turning on his light

The light I never knowd.

I was on the dark side of the road.


By the break of dawn.

I was gone.

Listening to his song.


A stranger’s heart, is not a home.


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