People watching. We all do it..

I’m prepping next week’s #SelfStarterStory, sat here in a corner of Starbucks on the corner of an intersection close to Finsbury Park Station, London.

I’ve been here for the last 2 hours waiting for my friends to finish work so we can meet. As I look up in-between thoughts ( or shall I call them distractions?) I see a Chinese couple in front of me, four other mac users to the left of me, and a very cute Italian couple to the right of me, across the street as I longingly stare out of the window observing them.

They must be around 15 or 16 years old. They enjoyed a hot drink together a few minutes ago and have since moved their affections across the street.

Her arms are locked around his neck while his arms are locked around her waist and they are swaying from side-to-side, occasionally kissing and giggling as couples do. They are both in school uniform.

Private (looks like.)

What made this observation interesting was their innocence. It seemed their affections were pure.

They just can’t keep their hands off each-other. More in a playful, ‘friendship-ey’ type of way, as opposed to a sleazy, ‘one track mind’-type of way.. she’s not trying to seduce him, and he’s not taking advantage.

This is so cute to watch (-discreetly of course!).

I imagine myself in her shoes when I was 15/16 years old.. Questions arise, such as..

“Can he feel my rolls..?”

“Does he like my perfume ?”

” What if my or his parents see us kissing in the street? Is this considered slutty behaviour? ”


Would I really have thought those things at their age? To be honest. I don’t know. I can’t relate to kids these days. -I grew up in Africa.

I’m guessing these two didn’t have a care in the world.

From what I can see, she doesn’t appear to have any. No insecurities visibly present.

She wasn’t afraid to be silly, and pull faces, and be slightly outrageous. He seemed to respond well, and they both looked comfortable in each other’s presence.

I wonder what she’s thinking? Is she thinking?

What are her worries?

What is she thinking?

-then I realise..

She’s probably completely 100% IN the moment. Present. As one should be, but rarely are..

Will they grow old together?

Oh.. I really hope so, I hope life doesn’t derail their ‘togetherness’. It really is refreshing to see teenagers express love.. they don’t know heartbreak yet. Or responsibility sharing, or talks about finances.. ugh..gross.. I’m muddying my own thoughts now..

No. They are cute, and innocent, and so in love, and I’m loving getting lost in my/ their little world for just a few moments, until they start swaying from side to side, like two hugging penguins, down the street and out of sight..

Ahhh young love..


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