Written in 2012. A draft post I never published before today.22 Jan 2017.

I was just walking over to a company’s office in Brighton to take a few headshots for an exec who I have never met before. It took all of erm… 5 minutes and the job was done. Easy peasy. So on my way back, it got me thinking about trust. There’s so much trust in this world. Whether we like it or not, we trust pretty much everyone around us, even the people we have never met. We trust the postman will deliver our post, we trust Facebook won’t shut down and disappear, we trust the lady making our morning coffee won’t make it so hot that we burn our tastebuds to oblivion, that planes and trains will run on time or slightly late, that the food we consume is edible/healthy, that the person providing a service charges fairly etc. As I’m crossing the road, I see a bus coming my way and I just continue walking at my normal pace, a) Trusting that the traffic light is not going to spontaneously change from green to red/allowing me enough time to get to the other side b) Trusting that the driver, knows the rules, will stop/slow down in time, thus not running me over. It crossed my mind, that we’re all synched. We put our trust in so many people every day, without them maybe even knowing it. Without us really knowing the responsibility we have towards those around us too. Regardless of doing business or not. People trust people. Instantly. Sometimes that trust we automatically give those around us, aligns with our knowledge of a certain subject. For example, for some people, when seeing a complete stranger hold an expensive looking camera in their hands, that person with the camera automatically becomes a professional photographer. Yeah, happens all the time. The bigger the lens they use, the more professional they are right? Wrong. Isn’t that just amazing? We trust that what we see is real, is what we know, and so make conclusions/decisions based on that. That universal code, we all speak without speaking it out loud, is pretty powerful, which is why it can be so upsetting when things go wrong. The trust is broken. That automatic trust we have, from the beginning, without even trying, is so incredibly, INCREDIBLY important.

We trust that everyone knows and understands that we all have a social responsibility toward each other.


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