A few days in Athens, Greece

A recent visit to Greece included many new ‘firsts’ for me. I had never tried souvlaki or gyros before, or tasted grilled squid, nor have I ever had a taxi driver take the rest of the day off to take me cliff diving!

Greece is one of those places that is naturally beautiful, but what made it so special to me was the people. Friendly, sincere and genuinely helpful. I spent about 5 days in a small town called Voula with friends, then moved to Athens to explore the city on my own. It was a fascinating place to be and navigating my way through paved and cobbled streets alike was easy. I felt safe throughout.

On one of the days I booked a city bus tour. It gave me the option to hop on and hop off at the most scenic points, but also gave me an elevated view of the city, which was great for capturing images as we drove along.

Being in Athens took me back to my A Level Drama days where we learned about Greek mythology and theatre, and to eventually be standing on a rocky outcrop that is THE Acropolis, overlooking Athens city, was simply surreal.

My mother loved listening to Yanni’s music when I was growing up and I distinctly remembered one of his albums, Yanny: Live at the Acropolis. I had his music in my head as I made my way up the stairs to be surrounded by ancient architectural structures such as the Panthenon, the Propylaea and the Erechtheion. There I found myself amid history that spand back to long before Christ.


“An old Greek legend says that when God created the world, he sifted all the soil onto the earth through a strainer. After every country had good soil, he tossed the stones left in the strainer over his shoulder and created Greece”

— Randomhistory.com

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