A Self-drive safari in South Africa

Arriving at the Rhino Lion Park just outside Krugersdorp, we were briefed on safety and security and handed a map of the grounds. We were told not to open our windows or to exit the vehicle at any point.

We took the map and started driving along the dirt roads, occasionally stopping to take a few pictures from the narrowly opened windows..


We also visited the Wonder Cave, which was a fantastic complement to an already fabulous day. The wonder cave is the 3rd largest cave chamber in South Africa and is believed to be around 2.2 Billion years old!

We descended by elevator, about 60 meters underground into total darkness. Our guide then switched on a few footlights and we were able to see the incredible formations around us.

The cave has about 14 stalactite and stalagmite formations up to 15 meters high, 85% of which are still growing.

Amazingly, one of the formations have taken the shape of ” The Praying Mary” which you will see below.

I tried to take as many photos as possible, however not having a tripod handy ( and not being able to use flash due to a lack of focus light ) made it a bit of a challenge..


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