Moscow, Russia (at night)

I was fortunate enough to get a day off in Moscow during a work trip in December of last year. It was cold, but not nearly as cold and as much snow as there should have been.

After spending the afternoon indulging in a bowl of borscht (a Ukranian beetroot soup), I set up my tripod just as the sun started setting.

Within a few hours, and when I wasn’t being told off by military men for taking photos in public (with a tripod), I actually managed to get a few shots in of Lenin’s Mausoleum, the state historical museum, Kazan Cathedral, the Marshal Georgy Zhukov Monument and the famous St. Basil’s Museum in the red square.

I had a lot of preconceived ideas about what Russia might be like, but truth be told Russia is a very VERY big place. Yes, it can be a cold place in many ways, but if the architecture I saw is anything to go by, there’s certainly a lot of heart scattered everywhere.

More to follow soon..

N ✈


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