Holguín, Cuba

“Donde no hay propiedad privada ni siquiera es posible la rebelión contra la tiranía”

Carlos Alberto Montaner, Las Columnas de La Libertad

A few things I learned about Cuba:

  • Most people in Cuba, will tell you they never want Cuba to change. Cuba is VERY safe. They lead a simple life and although there are some with ideas and opinions, they will never openly share them, due to the amount of attention being or thinking “differently” would attract.
  • Cubans love and respect Fidel Castro. Anyone who challenges this will become an outcast or find themselves in a small room under a spotlight.
  • Rum is VERY cheap. (The darker the better) I bought a bottle of dark rum for a pound  and it was good. Seriously.
  • Rum and coke with fresh lime is called a “Cuba Libre” (Directly translated as “Free Cuba” )
  • There are two different currencies used in Cuba. One currency is for Cubans (CUP) Cuban Peso, the other is for tourists (CUC) Cuban Convertible Peso. [ Cuban Peso 26.5CUP = 1 (CUC) Convertible Peso ] 1 CUC = 1 USD
  • Very-VERY few Cubans have access to the open internet. It costs at least $5USD (132.5 CUP) for an hour.
  • The Cuban government might not sensor all internet, but they do vigil any and all digital activity relating to Cuba.
  • Cubans trade downloaded news stories off the internet, via USB hard drives.
  • You can not buy Coca Cola in Cuba.
  • You can get a sex change or a breast augmentation in Cuba, for free, if you are Cuban.
  • Education is free. One in 5 people in Cuba, are a doctor and there are so many doctors that some are sent abroad due to their high demand.
  • Cubans can “make” a party with anything. Even a can of beans.
  • Cubans talk to each other.

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