Swedish Artist Andreas Moe LIVE Concert || London

Last month I saw my favourite musician John Mayer in concert. Just as I imagined, after so many years of following his music, the concert ended up being an amalgamation of excitment and emotion. I stood there, semi-paralised in disbelief throughout. I have loved him his music for so long, but also, I just couldn’t believe I was there, at the O2, in person, flesh and bone, witnessing what I had longed to experience since my teen years when “Your body is a wonderland” first hit the airwaves.

I guess the equivalent of today’s youth would be Justin Bieber? One direction? ( Very VERY different things, but seeing them in person evokes the same kind of feeling. )

Of course, as a not-so-regular concert goer, I arrived the precise time stated on my ticket -18:30. Little did I know, the John Mayer part of the show would start at 21:00. It was the first time in what felt like a looong time, where every minute that passed,    felt      like      an      eternity.

At around 20:00 it was announced that another artist would be opening the show. I had no idea who it was and when his name was announced and the lights flared up, I was just like, oh..ok.

The artist in question was 25 year old singer, songwriter Andreas Moe. I’d never heard of him before, or his music, so figured I’d just get my camera out and take pictures to hide how underwhelmed I felt at that point. I mean really.. (Couldn’t ticketmaster have told us John Mayer was only going to make an appearance at 9pm!!??)

Back to Andreas Moe.. First song in, I found myself gently tapping my toe, the Chinese-speaking man sitting next to me was doing the same, but so much so, that he made me wish I had a tripod in my handbag.

My arms got tired from holding my elbows so tightly to my rib cage in an attempt to avoid camera shake, so I stopped fighting my unwavering loyalty towards JCM and proceeded to bop my head along to the music as well..

Third song in, the Andreas Moe bug bit me.  It bit me BAD. “This guy is going to be huge. -HUGE!!”, I thought.
This humble Swedish guy, who stood on stage with his band, told the audience how a year ago he was right where we were at that moment, also in the O2, and he dreamed of being on that stage. That very stage he was on that night. He shared with us just how grateful he was for that moment, to be, exactly where he was.

Andreas’ declaration made him human. It made him touch a small part of me and every other dreamer ambitious person in that arena. He then followed that beautiful moment by shouting: “Are you guys excited to see John Mayer tonight!?” The crowd went wild.. I couldn’t help but feel happy yet sad for him and his self depracating statement. True, we weren’t there to see him, but my oh my.. how amazing that he got to perform that night AND who knew the handsome boy from Sweden could sing so beautifully..?

During his last song, I was humming along as if I’d heard it all before. It was clear, at that point,  that however hard I wanted to fight it, I knew I’d “google” him soon as I got home. Which I did. Unfortunately..

Yes, since that day, a month ago, I have listened to Andreas Moe’s music EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
I wouldn’t be surprised if all those video views came from one single IP address. Mine. (Yes, really.)

Here, have a little listen for yourself, while you look at the piccies I took of him, below.

Let me know in the comments box if you too, end up bitten by “the Moe” as a result of reading this post..

My pleasure 😉

N x




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