Designer Spotlight: BERTA | Elegant, sexy and feminine wedding dresses

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about wedding dresses, however yesterday I was browsing through the inter-webs ( as you do ) and stumbled upon the following photo..

My first impression was: ” Good Lord this is beautiful!” (..and then I opened an account on just so I could find a man to marry and get the opportunity to wear a STUNNING dress such as this one.. kidding. My thighs don’t like the spotlight, but hey, the intention was there )

This entire 2014 wedding dress collection is just breathtaking! Take a look and let me know if you agree.


  More on the designer:

“Berta is a leading Israeli bridal designer, and a rising star in the international bridal market.  Berta’s avant-garde designs have taken over the bridal world by storm. Her artistic approach to bridal fashion have managed to surprise even the most veteran fashion editors and bloggers. Her collections are considered among the most praised and anticipated in the world.  Berta’s leading line of work is based on high quality, uniqueness and premium level finishes. The luxurious fabrics, which are imported from fashion capitals around the world, go through a handmade development process in Berta’s studio. By doing this, Berta consistently has new and unique textures of fabrics for her line of bridal dresses.  With more than 16 years of experience as a bridal designer, and with more than 20 locations around the world, Berta is situated today as one of the world’s top-notch bridal designers.  When you try on a Berta gown, everything falls into place. The cut, the fit and the silhouette are all unlike anything else.”

Price range:

Where to find a Berta dress in the UK:
The Wedding Club – Birmingham, UK

 Ad Campaign 2014:

 On the runway:


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