Wedding Trend Alert: "Save the Date" videos

Your handsome boyfriend popped the question and you’ve both notified everyone of the good news! What’s next?


Soon as you’ve set the date, you’ll need to send your guests a “Save the date” message so they can prepare themselves well in advance of your big day. Of course, the further away the wedding will be, the more notice people will need.

The save the date invitation is not only a way to let your guests get prepared, but it’s also an opportunity to give a glimpse of insight into your vision for the day. So be creative!

Whatever your budget, there is always a way to get your message across in a creative way. And if you don’t know how?

Contact me and we’ll brainstorm together!

Here are some ideas for you in the meantime..

Save the date” videos:

Hire a videographer. For a professional and extravagant video.//
Bambo + Janice Epic Wedding Trailer from Major Diamond Productions on Vimeo.

Hire a videographer or ask a friend to film you. Even if it’s all done with an iPhone, all you really need is someone who can stitch it all together for you ( that’s if you don’t want to learn how to edit a film yourself!) //
Save The Date from Günther Gheeraert on Vimeo.

Stop Motion is always very cute and creative. Hire a photographer to help you!//

How about making a video yourself! Take the DIY approach which will have your unique-ness as a couple written all over it! //

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