Whilst on the beach in Playa Mamitas, Mexico, I spotted this a Mexican girl and her brother swimming with all their clothes on!

I found watching them quite refreshing, as they were surrounded by party-goers, dancers, DJ’s, grease monkeys and beach babes..

But that didn’t stop them from swimming in the sea and getting covered in sea sand…

When you’re a kid, you don’t stop yourself from doing anything that makes you happy. You just do it because, well, it makes you happy. We’re such simple creatures as children..

When we grow up, we become boring. We lose our spark (Not that you have to!) But yes, when we grow up, we use social norms and standards as excuses for not doing what we want to do.

The majority of those spontaneous moments just disappear as we age.

Why do we allow that to happen?

When’s the last time you decided to do something completely unexpected just because you can, and because it makes your heart pump chocolate?