Who taught us to share like this? – By Jessica Kellogg

“Humans are comprised of egos and identities, so it is natural that we share in the competitive nature of social platforms. It’s strange that we divulge enough information online that we no longer appear to be strangers. Naturally, we are hunter-gatherers, which stimulates our desire to participate and integrate ourselves within the different feeds of cyber communities. We hunt for the perfect moment and snap pictures for the simple joy and satisfaction of sharing our reality with other living and breathing creatures. We receive instant gratification like a Polaroid falling into our hands.

Validation of others and the record of it all make us feel immortal when we review our individual histories. Perhaps the stars are what we are reaching for—or is it TMZ? Virtual sharing makes us feel like winners with a grandiose cyber footprint measured in pictures posted, places checked into, likes received, and comments made. Our profound contributions to the community come in the form of effortless actions and intriguing highlights, which we wear like gold medals around our necks.”