To be heard.

“We upload pictures daily and regurgitate moments in life we wish others to see. Some even go as far as re-enacting these instances so a moment can be retold to all who care to notice.

We stumble across these images and PR-prepped quotations on the freeway, on the toilet, at our work desk—anywhere and everywhere. Our palm is the portal into the millions of lives that compound our own.

We treasure the interfaces of profiles and integrate the maintenance of social networking into our daily lives.

Perhaps our need to participate in this form of communication derived from a personal desire within us to be heard on a larger stage. Figurative sharing has inspired us to creatively market our identities. We highlight our achievements and we wallow in our sorrow by masterfully turning ourselves into billboards that bluntly portray our feelings, angst and desires.

We break mostly-irrelevant news and subject others to our most inner thoughts on the matter. Some say they just do it for fun, to stay in touch with people from their past. But like a director of a movie, everything that is in the frame, serves a critical purpose.”