Identify your fear

Hey you! Yes, you.

When was the last time you had a decent photo taken of yourself ? Hmmmm…?
When was the last time you celebrated who you are today? Hey?

Now the thought of having a photo shoot all for yourself might make you cringe a little, BUT, let me tell you a little secret…

SECRETLY, e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e LOVES to be photographed.

Say whaat?

Yes. It’s true.

So whenever someone tells me they don’t like being in front of any camera, I explain that it’s because they haven’t been photographed by me yet. *wink -wink  (nope, I didn’t OD on ego -flakes this morning..promise.)

I just know, because I was one of those people before.. that it really depends on WHO takes the picture rather than the image itself.

Liking the photographs you’re in, is a combination of the overall experience, your mood on the day, who the photographer is and how comfortable he/she makes you feel. THEN the quality of the images are taken into consideration. (unless the quality is so bad you can’t tell what the subject is)


If your photographer is quite abrupt or aggressive, or just not socially aware enough, it could make you feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, when you look at your pictures, you might associate those feelings with those images. So regardless of whether or not they are good quality images, it really depends on how the person photographing you, made you feel, your mood on the day and what your experience was like overall.

So, if you do have a fear of being photographed, but you love photography, think back and try to remember when and where exactly your fear of being photographed started, try to remember which experience, comment or reaction it was, that made you feel unsure or that somehow influenced your self-perception.

Once you’ve identified your fear and where it came from, you can start to re-condition your brain to like something.

Perhaps you love music? Play your favourite music whilst you’re being photographed. It could help you relax, it could help you be more spontaneous, it could help you be more “present” for what’s meant to be a fun experience. In doing so, it could also help you to associate positive emotions with being in front of the lens and hopefully next time you get photographed, you’ll have a much more fulfilling experience, less self-doubt and you’ll feel like your most confident self.

Oh.. and remember always, BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Silence that nasty thing inside you, that does nothing but bring you down and criticize your every more.

Treat yourself, the way you treat others…

Try it out.

If you’ve ever had a terrible experience with a photographer or being photographed, please share it below in the comments box. And if you overcame your fear of being photographed, please share your success story as well. x


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