Newick Park Wedding { Nick & Lisa }

The origin of tying the knot, stems from Sweden, where long ago, illiterate sailors and soldiers would send a piece of rope to their sweethearts as a marriage proposal. The rope was sent with two ornate knots and if it came back with the two twisted and tied together this would mean yes. The knotting crossed any language or literacy barriers. IF, however, the maid preferred to be wooed with flowers and pretty verse, a piece of rope was not likely to win her (and quite probably the only rope tying she would be doing would be making a noose…

Nick, an Operations Manager, not a sailor – and an Englishman not a Swede, is neither illiterate, nor about to break into verse for anyone. Nick is Nick. A man who manages to find humour in nearly every situation.. including his middle name. Arthur. Aaaarthur…
In Nick’s first unconscious attempt to woo Lisa, he didn’t realize just how weak at the knees she would go, when as an innocent bystander, she watched him play “Sweet Child of Mine” on the piano.

Lisa, a hard working career woman, friend and lover of all things floral,  is an incredibly selfless individual. A real people person. Lisa has this way of making those around her feel instantly comfortable and safe. A few months ago, Lisa took me to Shoreham one afternoon to meet Katie, the florist. We discussed love, makeup, dresses shoes and flowers, which lead to Lisa telling me how her relationship with Nick is such that she always feels 50% more, rather than 50% less.

Nick and Lisa have been working for the same company for years. They didn’t actually meet, until early 2009!
Lisa didn’t expect to connect with a man in such a beautiful way. She felt she could be herself around Nick and so let her guard down. They played the flicky eyelash game in the back of mini bus and shared sour Haribos and talked about their lives, their baggage, their hopes and dreams and then, the time came for them to part. Over months of communicating via e-mail, Nick finally asked Lisa out on a proper date, and on the 19th of July 2009, they were able to pick up the conversation from where it was left off, over a delicious seafood platter in a little restaurant called Franco’s in Colchester.

After a few dates things got serious and so a few years later, Nick proposed.

“Baby, I want you for life…”

The happy couple tied the knot on the 31st of May at the picturesque Newick Park Hotel and Country Estate, one day before Lisa’s “21st” birthday.  Lisa told me that she might have a panic attach whilst getting ready as the gravity of the moment was bound to hit her then. Lucky enough, Bach’s Rescue Remedy saved the day and calmed her nerves. Once hair and makeup was all set, Lisa was helped into her goorgeous dress by her mum, Rita and her sister in law (and very close friend), Chess.

Nick got ready at home with his best men. His brother Howie flew in all the way from Australia and an old school friend, whom Lisa managed to find on Facebook, flew in all the way from Dallas, Texas to be there for the big day.
It just so happened that Nick and the guys had his stag do, the very night before the day of the wedding! During the ceremony and wedding breakfast they were all on top form again after a quick power nap a few hours before.


The ceremony was outside in the open air, and the weather was absolute magic. The guests were all seated and a few minutes later, Lisa made her way out of the hotel and glided, hand in hand with her father Howard, towards her soon to be husband, Mr. Wright.

Nick’s eyes glazed over with emotion as he laid eyes on his bride for the first time. Clearly it had been a moment that he would never forget.
Their immediate family, closest friends and colleagues were there to witness a real couple, very much in love, make a promise to spend the rest of their lives together.

STUNNING. Simply stunning.

Nick and Lisa found in each other, not only partners in crime, but also compassion, understanding, trust and a great friendship. They laugh at each other and with each other and that is only one of the things I love them.

-Mr and Mrs Wright, it has been our absolute privilege to document your wedding day. We are lucky to not just have had the most amazing clients a photographer could hope for, but also to have made some new friends.

May the years ahead, be rich and rewarding and may you continue to laugh, to i-spoon, to feel 50% more and may you always strive to bring out the best qualities in each other.

Enjoy the adventure!

With muuucho amor,




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