{ Guest Post } What Makes A Great Wedding Venue?

Planning a wedding is of course a thrilling and busy time.  There are loads of exciting decisions to be made; from wedding invitation design, to that all important dress.  However, before you move onto these tasks, you must first decide on an appropriate venue for your wedding reception and possibly the ceremony, if you are not planning on getting married in a Church.  So what factors should you be considering when shortlisting wedding venues?

Size of the party
A good starting point for your venue selection is to work out how many guests you plan to invite.  You should of course write down two lists; one for the day guests and one for those that will be hopefully attending the evening celebrations.  The secret when considering room size of venues is to find the right balance; the space must be large enough for all the guests to comfortably fit in, but not so big that it detracts from the atmosphere.  I’m sure we have all been to weddings where the evening celebration never seems to get going because the room is simply too big for the number of guests. 
Location, location, location
The modern world is much smaller than it used to be and it is likely that you will have friends and family member attending that do not live locally.  It may even be that you or your partner no longer lives in their home town or city and that you have a large number of guests that will be travelling a long distance in order to attend your wedding.  Try to cater for these guests by looking at venues that are well connected to the various travel networks.  Ideally the wedding venue will also have the capacity to offer accommodation to guests to make things simpler for them. 
The right setting
Dash!  Crash!  Flash!  All newly married couples will tell you that their wedding day flew by.  After months and maybe even years of planning; it is over.  In order to relive your memories in the coming years you will of course have your wedding photographs.  Ideally this will involve the bride looking stunningly beautiful and the groom dashingly handsome – all framed by an exquisite setting.  Take some time to visit the venues on your list and have a good walk around the grounds to see if they are suitable.  A well maintained garden in which to stage shots will make the photographer’s job easier and also remove the need to rush to a more suitable location. 
Level of service
Every little girl dreams of being a princess and on her wedding day a bride is finally given the chance to live that dream.  And she doesn’t want to share the limelight with anyone else!  So be sure to check that each venue on your list will only be hosting your wedding on that day.  Some venues will host multiple events on the same day, which of course opens up the chance that guests will mix and bride’s might even bump into each other.
Considering food

The last, but by no means least, issue to consider is the quality of the food that will be served at the venue.  The wedding feast tends to be the most talked about detail of any wedding – after the bride’s dress of course.  Having a look at the menu is of course a must.  Where there are some exotic options on offer, it usually indicates that the head chef is both experienced in a variety of cooking styles and confident enough to deliver.  A good tip can be to arrange a tasting day and then order some of the more complicated dishes.  If the cooking team can handle them then the less complicated dishes shouldn’t be a problem.  You should also question the staff as to where the ingredients are sourced from.  Ingredients that are from local suppliers will of course mean that the food is fresher and increase the chances of a meal to remember. 

Matt Barnes is a 23 year old marketer, copywriter and general troubleshooter for the Wentbridge House Hotel in West Yorkshire. Outside of ensuring guests have their perfect stay, Matt loves going the gym and working on his car.


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