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For the last two years I have been searching for different ways of passing images to clients.
I have used Flickr, Zenfolio, DropBox, CD’s, USB flash drives, hard drives and e-mail -and up until a few months ago, none of the options above, offered my clients and I, the solution we were looking for.

Finally, the photography gods have listened, and I’m happy to tell you that so far, there hasn’t been a single app that was less time consuming, more organised and easier to manage than PASS.

 ✔  All images are backed up on the cloud – so it’s pretty impossible to lose any of them
  All images can be accessed via any mobile device/tablet/pc/iPhone/iPad etc from ANYWHERE
✔  All images can be downloaded at the click of a button
  All images can be shared directly onto Facebook, so you don’t need to download and re-upload
  All images are immediately available to download in 3 different sizes, high resolution and optimum quality    ideal for printing.
✔  NO MORE CD’s! – You don’t have to carry multiple CD’s with you everywhere, or spend hours burning new copies in order to share images with your friends and family.
✔  You and your guests have access to all the best images. (Traditionally – The photographer would be very possessive and only sell prints)
✔  All images have been paid for by the bride and groom, so you can print and use the images for ANY non-commercial purposes.

Hurrah! *\o/*

Now you might be looking at your laptop/mobile/PC/tablet with an invisible question mark on your forehead, but, don’t worry.

I know not everyone will be as comfortable with “change”,  and I also know that not everyone will be up for learning new things, BUT, I kid you not, using PASS is sooo much easier than any other programme/method I’ve used before and I am positive that once you’ve received and shared and downloaded your images, you will thank me for saving you a few headaches! (and having to burn a ton of CD’s!)

OK, so -If you are reading this HOW TO – guide, it will be because you have received an e-mail from me and will contain 2x links.

Link 1: Leads to the gallery of the event that you attended/ were a part of. ✔
Link 2: Leads to this HOW TO guide. ✔

What you would need to do now, is follow the following steps exactly the way they are outlined below:

1.  Click here to create an account with PASS
2. Download the desktop app OR iPhone app OR iPad app.

3. Amazeballs… Now you can login to the online gallery (Link 1 in the e-mail I sent you), the desktop app or on any ios device.
-Because all the images are stored on the cloud for 365 days, you can come back at any time for up to a year after the event has been published, to be able to download and share images.


You can either login with the e-mail address you/my client has provided me with, or you can login via the Facebook button. If I haven’t personally invited you to download and share the images from this gallery, then you will only be a “guest” when you login. As a guest you can view the images and choose your favourites, but you won’t be able to download or share.

If, however, I have e-mailed you or sent you a private message via Facebook, the system will recognize your e-mail address and you will have special privileges immediately. You will be able to pick your favourites, share your selection directly onto Facebook, or download the images of your choice, onto your computer, camera roll etc..

This is what it kind of looks like, on my side.. (and without all the pink!)

I’ll receive a spreadsheet from the client with a list of e-mail addresses he or she would like to give full access to. I will then populate the event with VIP’s and e-mail each person individually to invite them to use PASS.

After you have logged in to the gallery, you can:

A: Star your favourite images.

B: Share your favourite images online as either an online gallery, Facebook Timeline Gallery or a traditional Facebook Album.

The Online Gallery

The Facebook Timeline

The Traditional Facebook Album

C: Download onto your desktop or camera roll.

OK, so that was simples right?
If you get stuck at all, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via comment below this post, e-mail [info at nadineburzler.com ], Facebook, Twitter etc.. Whichever is most convenient for you.

Happy sharing! ^_^


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