Life is too short to say I do and not mean it – 1 year on

Michael and Phyllis got married in Wandsworth, London last year on the 2nd of July. On the 15th August of the same year, Michael passed away after battling with Cancer.

I’ve been thinking about Michael & Phyllis a lot this week as their 1 year anniversary would have been in a few weeks time.

In honor of Michael and Phyllis, their love for each other, and their journey, we’d like to offer wedding photography coverage to one couple who has overcome many obstacles and still stuck together through it all. A couple who have faced adversity and adventure and discovered they have become one through the process.
A couple that you believe is truly in love.


If you know someone, who is planning to get married either this year or the next or the next and would like to nominate them. Please get in touch through the website.

We’re donating our time, effort, skill and resources to one lucky couple, based anywhere in the UK, every year, from now on.

Send us a letter through the website, telling their story the way you have experienced it.

Why do you believe they/or you deserve to have their/your love celebrated and documented with our “Adventure 2Wedding photography package? (That’s photography worth more than £1390 if you include travel costs…)

Fo reals. This is our way of giving back.

Write to us, at you own leisure, send us a little picture of the couple as well, and I’ll be in touch if your love story has melted our hearts…x

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nadine & Ferdi Burzler 
Nadine [at] NadineBurzler [dot] com  (please replace the [at] and [dot] with @ and . )

Michael and Phyllis’ Story:

Part 1
Part 2


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