[Guest Post ] How to keep your wedding dress spotless

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Your mission is to keep your dream gown pristine through a wedding ceremony and reception. During that time you will marry the love of your live, be embraced by friends and family, consume a meal, and party. Seems a little like Mission Impossible? Tom Cruise has got nothing on you.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep you and your bridesmaids squeaky clean.
Before the Wedding:

1. Material and Make
One of the best defenses is a good offense. Knowing the material of your dress gives you ample time to research and unlock the best ways to remove dirt and stains. For instance, satin can often be spot cleaned while lace is too delicate and may require soaking. Test a few stain remover techniques on the underside of the dress to see how the material reacts, and then entrust a bridesmaid to keep it on hand.
2. Easy on the Powder
Foundation and bronzer can both stain light colored fabrics. Either apply your makeup first before donning your wedding gown, or wear a smock to protect the dress during the powder process. Also, be sure to wear an antiperspirant to prevent sweat stains. Just make sure you let it dry fully before dressing.
 3. Flying Pollen
Flowers that have large or strong-colored stamens can shed pollen. Have your florist remove any stamens before delivering the flowers or avoid flowers will pollen entirely.
4. Avoid Greasy, Slippery Foods
Since you’re in charge of your own wedding, you can always avoid the dangerous foods like heavily dressed pasta or bite-size appetizers that threaten to detonate like delicious foodie bombs when you bite into them. Not only will you be avoiding some disasters, but your guests will have fewer accidents as well.
However, a ban of red wine altogether might be going a little too far.
During the Wedding:

5. Stain Removal Wipes or Pens
These tiny packages are full of stain-lifting magic. Once the damage is done, remember to always blot, never wipe, because that may spread the stain. 
6. Chalk and Baby Powder
After you have soaked up or scraped off most of the stain, you can rub a piece of chalk or lightly dust with baby powder. This will absorb any remaining grease and also create a uniform white surface.
7. Cover it Up
If the stain still shows, you can always place a carefully positioned corsage or shawl. This can hide the offending stain while working as an eye-catching accessory. Your guests will never even know!

After the Wedding:

8. Photoshop

Even after all your effort, if something still remains, you can always ask your photographer to do some work in post-production.

Natalie Tsang is a freelance writer and the editor of SimplyBridal’s blog, an online wedding retailer. She was born and raised in California and is a hopeless romantic.


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