Floral Wedding Cake – ZuZu Cakes

My friend Zu bakes cakes.

You see that sounds really simple doesn’t it? The thing about Zu’s cakes is that they taste d-i-v-i-n-e.
 This is no exaggeration. Have you ever seen that movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar where she cooks, people eat her food and then everyone falls in love with each other? Well this is kind of the effect Zu’s cakes has on people who eat them. Only difference is, we turn into badits! When Zu looks away we’ll go back for second and third helpings, because we’re embarrassed of looking like porky pigs. But we just can’t help it! Her cakes are just THAT good.

Personally I don’t know what it is she puts in them, but they’re moist and fluffy and rich, without being TOO rich (if you know what I mean..)

Zu makes cakes for anyone who truly appreciates a good cake. This ain’t no Tesco’s finest.


Anyhoo, Zu is currently doing a full time degree in Business Management. She is also a wife and a mum. Of course this doesn’t give her the necessary time needed to build and run a business. One which I ABSOLUTELY believe will be a great success if she had enough time to focus on it.

So, here’s the thing.

If you want Zu to make you a cake, you would need to give her enough notice to schedule time for it. Because these puppies take up to two days to bake. Seriously. And they are soooo worth it.

Coming from someone with a savory tooth, my completely UN-biased opinion is that you have not lived, till you’ve tried a piece. Fo realz.

Ok, so now I’m overdoing it, so I’m going to stop going on about it. But I can go on…and on..and on.. talking about Zu’s cakes.

Try it for yourself.

Contact her here:
zustars at gmail.com [written this way to reduce spam – please replace at with the @ sign when re-typing]


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