Just one of those days…

Oh dear… since yesterday the weather in Brighton has been less than favorable and for some reason, it is messing with my attention span. When I was little, growing up in South Africa, my mum would never let us swim before the big summer rain came to wash away all the winter nastiness. It kind of feels weird. Although it’s raining one minute and grey and overcast the next, I still feel like that little girl who just wants to go outside and swim, or play, or climb a tree barefoot, get to the top and then try to figure out a different way to get back down again.. restlessness…
The summer is just around the corner and I’m restless. Summer cannot arrive quick enough this year! There’s so much to see, do, experience!

My first wedding for this year is happening just next month! I cannee hardly wait! And then in June, friends of mine will be tying the knot in India and Nepal!! Yay!!! These are countries which I’ve never been to, but I’m dying to experience! Learn about the traditions, the cultures, the food, the mentality..it’s fascinating!
Last week I sent off my application for renewal of my passport and I was told it can take up to 3 months. 3 Months!?? The India/ Nepal weddings are taking place in June! So again.. I’m restless… keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Operation 118? You thought I had forgotten about it? Not at all..!
Although the date has changed, due to other work commitments on the same day, it’s still happening, only now it’s much smaller than I initially planned for. But it’s still on! So, stay tuned for the pics! RESTLESS!

I just can’t sit still today, knowing there’s a ton of work to do, I’m procrastinating about my procrastination’s. Yes, you read that right.




I’ve had a little browse through the web today, just looking at lots and lots of very random things. Like for example…?:

Sarees! There are so many to choose from, yet if you have a bit of a belly like I do, baring it would not be ideal, so girls, please, if you find any fabulous sarees that cover the belly area, please get in touch!

Something else I’ve been looking at today is this website: http://www.knockknockstuff.com

“Knock Knock was founded in 2002 by Jen Bilik with the mission of creating witty, design-driven gift products and books, along with anything else that might strike the Knock Knock fancy.Our products aspire to bring humor, function, organization, and aesthetics to everyday life…”

I have been here in stitches laughing at all the silly notepads they have for sale. Just take a look at this:

Genius or what?

 Cute huh?

I’ve also been looking at the following website which recently launched:
A great place to find people that you can collaborate with. Have a project but don’t know of anyone who can help you program, design, illustrate etc? Just pitch your idea to the person of your liking and cross your fingers it’s a creative match made in heaven.

I was speaking to someone today about business ideas and mentioned that at any one time I have around 3-5 business ideas and creative projects in my head. He suggested that I take a look at the UK version of Kickstarter, which is called www.crowdcube.co.uk . The site looks as though it’s still in infant stages, however it’s definitely something I’ll be looking into in the near future, especially because one of my creative/business ideas has been brewing for quite some time now, but needs a ton of help and support from the world.. I’ll keep you guessing on that one for now.

Anyway, take a look at Crowdcube and if you have any projects that need funding. Get it on there like a hot rash!

So for weeks now, I’ve been hearing people talk about the Iphone app: DRAW SOMETHING.
Thinking it was just another silly game like Farmville that would end up wasting tonnes of time and eventually annoy me, I’ve been avoiding it. Until yesterday…

Ahhhh… Draw Something….. *breathe out..

I am in love with this game. Aside from playing virtual charades with my friends online, I can also play with a random user from anywhere around the world, as selected by the app itself!
What do you do, I hear you ask?
Well… you can choose between 3 different words, for 3 different amounts of coins! The more difficult the word, the more coins you win. Choose the word, draw it and send it to the person you are playing with. On the other side they will have to guess the word, according to your sketch, and then if they guess correctly, they win the coins. Afterward, they will create their drawing and send it to you. But before you guess their drawing, you actually get to see a little video of how long it took them to guess your drawing!
It’s actually really amusing to watch and play, because drawing on an ipad is not as easy as it looks!

Finally, another little app that I discovered today is VIDDY.
Viddy is pretty much exactly the same as Instagram, however, it’s for video only.
OOOhhhh… can you hear that…?? That noise??

Yeah, that’s the sound of my productivity tanking! Eeek!

Apologies for the poorly written post in haste! As mentioned before, I’m feeling restless, so I guess this is my way of just getting all the inspiration out there in hope of the sun making an appearance in the meantime. Perhaps? No?

Ahh well, tomorrow is another day.

Happy Wednesday!


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