World Burlesque Games – Billie Rae

Over the last weekend I did an incredibly amazing shoot with a bunch of uber talented creatives. I can’t tell you how excited I am about showing the pictures, however they would need to be published by Retro Magazine first before I can actually show you what we got up to!

The images below are of the gorgeous burlesque performer Billie Rae who was on hand on Saturday providing invaluable tips and advice on authentic burlesque posing. Billie will be performing at the World Burlesque Games on May 7-13th in London and I would highly recommend that if you’re free on one of those days, that you pop along to show your support.

I will be covering the teaser show coming up this Friday at Scala in London and I’m soooo looking forward to seeing all the ladies dolled up and dressed to the nines!

If you’re around, pop along for the teaser show too!

OK, right, so… below is an image of Billie Rae. The first is the original.

Which of the following editing styles is your favourite and why?


 Isn’t she just gorgeous!?

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