Laser Engraved iPad with Pre-loaded Digital Wedding Album

Last week I wrote a blog post hinting at an innovative way to present newlywed couples with photos from their wedding day.
I often ask myself, is it always worth spending upwards of £400 for a wedding album?
How long does it stay out on display for?
How many people get to see it, feel it, appreciate it?
How long before the album is stored away?

My answers lead me to think about other items, of similar monetary value, that’s more practical. A solution maybe? Something more permanent?
What was the 8th most popular Christmas gift in 2011 in the UK? iPads.
Ok, so, bear with me here.
I’m thinking, ok, well iPads? That’s not a brand new idea, it’s not my idea either, but hey, no need to re-invent the wheel here right?

So, now we’re offering iPads as an add-on for our Wedding Photography Packages.

We’ll register your new iPad on your behalf and then upload all your images in neat little folders for you.

A whole new way of reliving the memories from the most important day in your life as a couple.
Right, so what’s unique about having an iPad? How can we customise it slightly?
Personalise it!
I’ve been researching companies for a few months and then by pure accident found an absolutely fantastic company based in London, able to help me personalise each item. Yes, you can actually do the following on the back of your brand new iPad.
Have it laser engraved.
What shall we engrave onto the back I hear you ask? Well… how about:
1. A personalised message from your hubby to be? (or even from you to him?)
2. Your first dance’s song lyrics
3. Your names and the date of your wedding day
4. Your favourite poem
5. Your vows
ok, ok… let’s push the boat out further…
If you could have almost anything engraved onto the back of your iPad Wedding Album, why not have your favourite photo engraved on the back? Oh yes, did you know you could do that?
Or even better,
on your wedding day, we’ll provide you with the template and the available space you have for printing.
Print the template onto a piece of cardboard, walk around with a permanent marker and have friends and family leave you both little messages and wedding wishes, only to then later, have us send off the scribbled template, to be scanned and then lasered onto the back of your Digital Wedding Album.
Yeah, I thought so too.
And if you already have an iPad? Send it our way after the wedding and as well as uploading your gorgeous images onto it, we’ll send off the iPad to get it all personalised, then have it couriered to your home.
For more information, a price list and the different options available, ping a little e-mail to
Other benefits and features of owning an iPad that doubles as both a Digital Wedding Album and a Tablet Computer?
-You not only have all your images stored remotely onto the device, but it’s backed up on the iCloud, so if hypothetically speaking anything had to happen the device itself, you’d have all the original images stored on a virtual platform that you can access from anywhere in the world where a wifi/internet connection is available. Meaning you will NEVER lose any of your images.
– You can carry your wedding album with you wherever you go. You don’t need an internet connection to access your images either. No need to lug around a heavy hand bound leather wedding album, because you can carry the slim, lightweight tablet computer with you in your handbag and show off your images to anyone, anywhere.
-If you have a videographer film your wedding, you can do the same. Upload your footage onto the iPad, have it backed up onto the iCloud and press play to relive the entire day. No CD, DVD and bound album necessary. This way everything is stored and accessed from the same place.
-Your friends and family would like their own copies of the images from your wedding? No problem!
The iPad can also act as a portable storage device. Take it with you when you visit friends/family and then transfer the image/video files onto their computers so they can have their own copies too.
Now of course if you do prefer to have your images printed,  have an album designed and created with love, care and attention to detail. You will always have that option available, because there is still a place for beautifully printed images and coffee table books in this world. It all depends on your budget and preferences.
Whatever your lifestyle, purpose, personal taste and comforts are. We’ve got you covered, only now, we have a really unique and personalised digital solution available to the gadget loving brides and grooms amongst us too.

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