{Portrait & Lifestyle} Emily

Just over a month ago I received an e-mail from Emily with regards to getting a few portraits done here in Brighton. As wedding season is still a few months away I couldn’t resist. So I said yes.

I hadn’t met Emily in person before the day of the shoot and we had only communicated via e-mail, so really neither of us knew what to expect aside from what we had talked about prior to the day.

Emily came to me as a referral from a friend of hers all the way in Mexico! A big mystery which has still not been revealed. Thank you friend.. ^_^ You should know Emily is amazingly good at keeping a secret!

We met on the seafront and then walked to the Pub du Vin for a quick cuppa. I thought, hey, she’s never met me, let’s go grab a coffee and hopefully that will help her relax in case she’s nervous.

Quickly, I learned that Emily is not really the nervous kind. In fact, she radiates confidence and positive energy. Emily was telling me about her life, the last 7 years she spent in Brighton learning English, her plans to travel to Spain in a week’s time, making her way to Morocco and then eventually, finally, back home to Venezuela where Emily is from. She’s hoping to take a bit of Brighton to Maracay with her, so
having professional photos done on the seafront was a well deserved treat and something Emily really wanted to do before saying goodbye to Brighton for good.

Below are a few pics from the day.



Ai, que pena que ya te vas!
En el muy poco tiempo que te he conocido, gracias por hacerme reír y por haber compartido tanto conmigo. De verdad, eres una inspiración aunque no lo sepas tu, todavía.

Que lo pases súper bien en tus viajes y espero que el solecito salga especialmente para ti.
Toma un tragito a mi salud cuando llegas a Malaga porfis! 🙂

Un abrazo fuerte,

Nadine x



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