{Personal Interest} Saatchi Gallery & The Sunday Times Magazine

Every Sunday my granddad religiously buys and reads the Sunday times newspaper. He’s getting old really fast and often I watch him as he struggles to read the small print, but still, he’ll buy it and then keep himself out of trouble for a few hours!

My granddad, or “Oupa” as I affectionately call him, usually tears open the plastic cover and then hands me the magazines… He hunches over the paper and starts to read with one eye, whilst I sit back and read the Style magazine. It’s become our little habit.

A few weeks ago, I read that the Sunday Times magazine was having it’s 50th anniversary and that there’d be an exhibition of the magazine covers from the last 50 years. Some of the most incredibly talented and bravest photographers this world has ever known, have their photographs on the front pages every week and as I’ve only seen a small percentage of those covers in the last 12 years of living in the UK, I was hoping to get the chance to go and visit the gallery myself to appreciate all the others.

So upon my last trip to London,  I decided to stop by the Saatchi Gallery for quick little look.
(PS. Tomorrow, Saturday, 18 Feb 2012 is the last day of the exhibition. If you’d like to go see the images in person, I’d encourage you to drop by)

Once I got there, I felt compelled to wander through the entire gallery and admire the rest of the art that was on show. I have to say, not everything was my cup of tea, but hey, art, just like photography is a very personal thing. Doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Anyhoo, for those of you who can’t make it to London, take a walk with me and I’ll show you pictures of incredible pictures and art.

By the way, if you are sensitive to the world of war photography, please come back to the blog on another day. Some of these images are quite unsettling.

Let’s go…


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