Something old, something new…

Photography has seen it’s changes through the years. The photo world advanced from a piece of paper with silver chloride which produced an image that turned black after a while and resulted in the image disappearing.
Then, innovation happened again and camera obscura was the best thing long before sliced bread. Dry plates, calotypes, film and the most recent technology available to everyone, digital photography, ensured that images became more permanent. All this started just over five centuries ago.

On the other hand, the internet has, in a much shorter timespan, seen it’s own changes with pioneers of technology injecting innovation and invention here and there and now we’ve gone from what we once knew as MS-Dos to Macintosh and Windows 7, iPads, tablets, smart phones… It’s been just over 17 years.

I was 10 years old when the world wide web became publicly available in 1995. Before then, I grew up in the age of telegrams, searching for books in libraries using the card catalogues and watching movies on VHS. Today, I am grateful to say that I understand the link between a pencil and a cassette tape. I am lucky to have seen a glimpse of what was available then and to experience and appreciate what we have here, today, now. 
Where would we be today if it wasn’t for those who questioned,  challenged, experimented, made mistakes and those who made up their own minds?
Where would we be if we stayed comfortable with what we were taught, rather than pushing ourselves to explore the unknown?

Albert Einstein once announced:”Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat”

Having had the opportunity to be present for both decades, (the 80’s and 90’s), see and experience the opportunities that change and progress brought with it, I can appreciate vintage, retro, mod. I still value the antiquated ways of doing things but believe in pushing forward to promote advancement within the industry as a whole. We have to start with our thought process, because regardless of how modernised we might feel we are, there’s still a bit of the familiar and tried and tested that hold us back from trying new things.

Are we, at this stage, 2012, ready to give up the past entirely and only focus on the future? Maybe not, yet. Are brides and grooms ready to part with paper and go entirely digital? Maybe, not yet.

So, I asked myself on a regular basis;

“How can we solve problems and be innovative at the same time?”

“What tangible products can Nadine Burzler Photography offer clients, who like us, embrace the new, but would still like to preserve a bit of the old?”

“How can we combine the known, with the unknown ?”

Stay tuned for the big reveal of our new product(s) next week Wednesday!



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