Post Vegas Wedding Party { Hando and Eveli }

Hando and Eveli got married in Las Vegas on the 11th of the 11th of the 11th after 11 years together. When they got back to the UK, Eveli had already hired a private room and organised their post wedding party at Vodka Revolution in Brighton to celebrate with close friends, colleagues and family who couldn’t be there for their special day.

Hando and Eveli,

I wish you both a very long and very happy life together with plenty of spontaneity, lots of passion, patience,  adventures and success. That you dance together on your future grandchildren’s wedding day, that you forgive eachother for the small things, that you never go to bed angry, that you wake up together every morning, decide to love eachother on purpose and that you always strive to bring out the best qualities in eachother and keep the journey an exciting one.

With much love and awesomesauce,

Nadine  xx


Thank you to ZuZu Cakes in Brighton for creating such an amazingly tasty wedding cake!


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