{ Raising Awareness } Grow a mo for Movember !

Hi folks! Just a quick note to let you know that I will be back again in December! Because I can’t actually grow a tashe for Movember, I’ve dedicated my FB wall and my Blog to raising awareness.

Here’s the thing… I have two brothers, a father and grandfather, those are all the males I have left in my family. I am the ham in the sandwich, the burger in the bun, the middle one. The only girl.

Men play important roles in my life which is why I would hate for anything preventable to happen to any of them. For that reason, it’s soooooo important, to raise awareness during the month of MOVEMBER, to participate, donate and help change the face of men’s health.

Bet you didn’t know…

Prostate Cancer is the commonest male cancer in the UK.

and that…

Around 32,000 men in this country are diagnosed each year, but sadly, approximately 10,000 British men die of prostate cancer every year, so it is a disease that needs to be taken very seriously.

Just a few days ago a lovely man shared a story with everyone on my FB wall… so now I’m sharing it here with you..

|Etiene| Yes Nadine, important topic…

|Craig| Truly is – awaiting test results as I write this. Luckily it has been picked up early and therefore will be fine. the 10k who die leave it too late – it is a difficult subject – my man bits aren’t working well should be a sign to get to the doctor. Sadly, we are a bit fearful and avoid saying or doing…

 Nadine Burzler Photography Wow Craig… Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad you went to see your GP.. Better to stay on the safe side! x

 |Craig| I was lucky – I had become diabetic and my GP decided to do a complete MOT on me. One simple blood test later and the possibility of prostrate cancer was there. Then you just have to get checked out fully and this was not as bad as it might seem. So it is great that you are spreading the word – it is easy to get checked out.

So, there you have it. Easy peasy…

If you see this post, and you are in fact male, then make sure you get on the “dog and bone” right now to schedule a check-up with your GP. If it seems like too much to handle, just think of all the people around you, who love you and would miss you if you weren’t around anymore…GET.IT.SORTED.TODAY.

For more information please CLICK HERE


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