{Travel} Blogstomp for Photographers and the Isle of Wight

I’ve started using Blogstomp! Yay! Today is the first time I post any of my new STOMPED pictures and I.am.IN.Luuurve! I tell you this app has revolutionized my blogging experience and helps to cut down my time in front of the compeutah, reduced lower back pain PLUS now all the images look so pretty and neat! I’m completely blown away at how easy and quick it is! Amazeballs! haha
(I’m going to keep using exclamation marks just to reiterate how happy and excited I am…!!) *starts doing cartwheels…. ^___^

On a different note:
A few amigos and I took a day-trip to the Isle of Wight last weekend. We were so lucky to have such gorgeous weather surround us for the entire journey! We walked, walked and then walked some more… in wedges, flip flops and sandals…there was a lot of walking to get to “the needles” but we made it in the end, then we took the ferry back to Portsmouth Harbor and had the most amazing and much deserved meal ever!


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