{Travel} A 24 hour trip to Newquay, Cornwall. Part 1

A few weeks ago I took a weekend trip to Newquay, Cornwall. I booked a return train ticket, my room in a surf lodge and I set off on my mini-adventure the very next day! It was very spontaneous!
I took my camera, an incredible appetite for fresh oysters, a desire for adventure and a pair of flip-flops.

It took 10 hours to get there by train and 9 hours to get back the next evening. All in all, I had 24 hours in Newquay (I know, how crazy!?! – It felt like a great idea – a fabulous way to get away from the real world and just re-connect with myself, refresh my thoughts and my eyes, you know?)

On the 10 hour train journey there, I made plans and actually wrote them all down, caught up on some reading, listened to my favorite podcasts and day-dreamed about the day I get to travel around the world, doing what I love most. Photograph weddings…

During my stay in Newquay, I walked absolutely everywhere (see the photo-walk above) and took a ton of pictures, soaking up the incredible scenery with my camera. I just wanted to chill, stick my toes in the sand and overdose on my favorite food in the world, and capture the laid back life of the west coast. In and around Newquay, there’s so much to see and do. Wind surfing, golf, shopping, the zoo, the aquarium to name a few and not to forget the all important surf contests and live music on Fistral beach every year.

Without a doubt, the 24 hour trip was worth it. Newquay is breathtakingly beautiful and it’s definitely not just a party town.

Here’s why…

Part 1 {Newquay by day}


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