{Operation 118} Eating healthy foods

As I’m writing today’s post, I’m also munching on carrot batons. A whole bag full.
These days I’m way more calorie obsessed than I used to be and truth be told, it’s definitely not making people around me feel very comfortable. Almost every time I find new food,  I’m amazed to discover what the calorie content is. Just this morning I ate 3 peaches (45 Cals each, thank you very much!) I didn’t feel like having my normal bowl of granola for breakfast and so with 3 peaches as a subsitute, I discovered around 10am that I got me tha muchies! Real bad…

So off to Tescos I went. I got some plain cottage cheese (low cal) and I was looking for some wafer thin pieces of air (almost like biscuits), then I found crackers (21cals each!) BAM! There I thought I had the cravings covered, only to discover soon after that one or two crackers was not going to satisfy me. At all.
I failed.
Not for eating 7 biscuits with cottage cheese, but for not sticking to the bloody granola cereal for breakfast!

To the outside, it seems petty, that someone like me (I LOVE FOOD- ALL FOOD), would have to obsess like this.
My new healthier diet has been going for almost 4 weeks and it has been great. Albeit, I’m now slightly more annoying. People are rolling their eyes at me, not really understanding why I’ve made this change in my lifestyle. I’m not obese, in fact far from it, however in order for me to get into the mind of a bride to be, I’ve chosen to immerse myself in a bride’s world. 9 out of 10 brides I’ve spoken to wanted to look and feel amazing on their wedding day and even though I’m not really getting married, this project is about research and gaining an understanding of what brides have to go through for the dream to become a reality.
I’m not starving myself and I would never advise anyone to, nor would I advise someone to ever go on the 500 calorie starvation diet either, I mean, I’m not a doctor?! But, I am me and only I know how far and hard to push, to get results.

Starting this “getting into the mind of a bride” project has probably been one of the best things I’ve done for myself in quite a while. My diet is healthier, I’m drinking so much water it’s coming out of my ears and I’ve cut out all full fat cheese, white bread, and cold meats from my diet. No bacon sarnies, no croissant’s for breakfast, no mayo, no butter, no oil for cooking, no carbs after 4pm and definitely no eating after 6pm. I now oven bake fish or chicken in parcels of tin foil and it’s even tastier cooked that way. (well, for me at least) The 3-4 cappuccinos I used to consume every day with 3 sugars each (I kid you not) have all been replaced with herbal tea, manuka honey and a slice of lemon. I’m feeling good. I’m happy with the healthy adjustment and that’s all that matters.
It’s still an adjustment, but in this life I strongly believe that in order to reach self proposed goals, one has to commit and make a few sacrifices even if you’re the only one that “gets” it.

My fake wedding will be taking place on the 28th of April 2012 and I’m not planning on becoming a size 0 by then, but it would be nice to maintain a healthy diet over the long term rather than start starving myself a few weeks before the celebration, just to lose a bit of excess weight. I now also go jogging a few mornings in the week with the aim of toning up a bit.

I’ve only lost a kilo over the last 3 weeks and unfortunately I can’t see the difference yet, but I feel fabulous.

So far I’ve discovered a few other things about starting a healthy eating plan:

 ~ Healthy eating is more expensive than the moorish stuff I used to fill my body with.

~If you have a plan for the week with your favorite healthy foods, there’s no way you can get bored. You can just mix up the meals depending on what you feel like that day.

~ Since I’ve gone the healthy route I’ve also gone the organic route where I can. It just seems worth it.

~ Lugging a 2L water bottle around is heavy only when it’s full, so drink a lot of water so there’s less heavy lifting to do!

~ If 2L feels like too much for you to drink, start with a 500ml bottle and make sure you fill it up every 3 hours

~ Since I stopped eating after 6pm I don’t wake up in the morning feeling ready to eat a whole cow!

~If you feel like having a sweet treat, make sure it’s under 100 calories and enjoy! (only 1- unless you are committed to run 20 minutes longer the next day or sacrifice something else on your menu to balance out the guideline daily amount (GDA for women= 2000 Calories per day)

~Over the weekend, if I’m out with friends, I’ll now have a shot of gin with soda water and fresh lime instead of brandy and coke or ale. (NO HANGOVER SO FAR! ^_^)

~Supportive friends will ask your reasons for the change and then understand it. Unsupportive friends are only jealous of your self discipline and shouldn’t be invited to the wedding at all! ( Juuust kidding!)

Tomorrow I will post my weekly meal plan and if it works for you, great! If not, just adjust it.


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