{Operation 118} Location, Location, Location!

I’ve been thinking more and more about the venue for my “big day” and in doing so I thought, well, what’s the point in doing all the research, finding the perfect spot, and then, well, nothing happens. Where’s the fun in that?

So, in what Oprah calls the “aha- moment” I decided, I’m going to plan for the Big day to be an actual staged wedding – AKA a Styled shoot. Now, I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of styled shoots for photographers unless it’s as part of a workshop where everyone can learn from a pro whilst shooting. (Otherwise, why do it?)

A styled wedding shoot can in no way substitute what goes on at a real wedding when the pressure is on and everyone has to perform and find creative ways to overcome obstacles. Be it poor lighting, group management or even terrible weather conditions (to name a few). Sometimes photographers do styled shoots in order to get gorgeous pictures for their portfolios. However controversial this may sound, I’ve known since day one of my photographic journey, that this was not going to give me the authentic wedding experience I deeply craved and so I’ve never participated in one.


If I can get my blog readers together, to get to know each other and “bond” as well as have a workshop, then we’ll have an amazing day to look forward to, together.
For this reason, I’ll be planning my staged wedding, as “an almost wedding”. Readers of the blog can come along to be guests/models as well as mingle. I might also, just as an added bonus, get vendors to participate and help me in styling an incredible wedding par-tay. Why not?

April is the perfect time for us all to have a party, to celebrate the start of the ~British Wedding Season~ and the end of my {Operation 118} project! There will be finger food and drinks, provided by moi, and I think I might just be able to convince an “out of towner” to come along and host a workshop before the party begins. The Workshop  would have to carry a fee though (guaranteed to be under £100), and be limited to 10 spaces max. So, let’s see…I’ll have to find a suitable teacher first!

The Party
Click here to RSVP for {Operation 118} The Wedding Day (happening after the aforementioned workshop).
Only 100 guests will be able to attend. So be quick to save your spot for the 28th of April 2012! I’ll confirm the invites as soon as we’ve reached the 100th guest.

Without further adieu, I’m on to Task number 9 of my wedding planning.
Scout reception sites in your area until you find the perfect location.

As mentioned before in this post, I want to have an outdoor wedding with a countryside feel to it. For this reason I’ve decided the perfect location to get “married” in Brighton is Stanmer Park.

Stanmer Park is a beautiful park filled with gorgeous Elm trees, a “wooded” area and most importantly SPACE! I’ve had a few picnics and photo shoots in Stanmer Park and I might just have been lucky, but the weather has been gorgeous, every.single.time.

Read more about Stanmer Park here


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