{Operation 118} Getting body-fit for D-Day

Most of my memories as a child revolves around food. My dad loves to cook, try new things and test different recipies. As I spend most Sundays at my dad’s house with him and my granddad, often I get spoiled with some great lunches. I just can’t imagine my life without food in it, so whenever I hear the word “DIET” I just shut down. Even conversations about diets and dieting bore me to tears. There’s many things a girl can sacrifice but food just isn’t one of those things for me. Saying that, I’m just a few years away from reaching 30 and when I was younger I was able to easily guzzle down a can of condensed milk. Now however, you won’t ever see me do that again, regardless how how tempting it may be. I try to eat as healthily as possible by eating plenty of leafy greens and fish. I try to drink as much water as possible. But sometimes, convenience overrules what’s good and what’s right.
“Getting married” and looking at a gazillion beautiful images all day has made me realize that now would be a good time to cut back on the luxury foods I very much enjoy and to shape up a bit. When thinking about how I’ll be able to make this adjustment to my lifestyle and food choices, I know it’s going to be extremely tough. Plus the exercise, erm… I’m definitely going to have to get into a new routine, and as I recall I had an invite from a very nice gentleman to join the Brighton Tennis Club, so I think now is probably as good a time as any to take him up on the offer and get toned up in the process.
This brings me to Task no. 8 of the wedding planning process.

Get body ready for the big day.
So, I’m sitting outside having my lunch and I think about all the different ways I can track my progress with all the changes I’ll be making to my daily routine and diet. I browsed around on the Apple App store to see if I could find a few apps that would help keep me on track.
These are my discoveries:
FOODSCANNER: An app that allows me to scan the bar-code of foods I buy and tracks the calories I consume each day. I just learned that one slice of Serrano ham has 3.50gramms of fat and 70 calories !! What?? I ate the whole packet of 6 slices within 5 minutes! ( So that’s 350calories down in one gulp. Almost.)
LIFESTYLE DIET: This app helps you discover what the ideal diet would be for the way you live. It’s customized. In fact some of the questions it asks as you click through the different pages, is:  Do you want to maintain or lose weight? Could you restrict certain foods or would you prefer to eat everything in moderation? Do you often feel anxious to eat? Do you like to play sports? Would you prefer a strict diet or a free one where you can vary your food? etc etc..Then suggests the perfect died, customized to your lifestyle. This app also allows you to enter your current weight, as well as your height and then it calculates your body mass index. You enter your goal weight and the time period you’d like to lose weight by and then it sets everything up on a nice little graph so you can track your own progress.
THE SNACK APP: This app sorts hundreds of snacks by calorie counts and also gives you suggestions according to the type of craving you have: salty, sweet, crunchy, cheesy, creamy etc…An added bonus is that the app lists simple ways to burn the calories you just consumed.

REPEATO: This app helps you keep track of your daily routine tasks. You set it up any way you like and then it sends you little reminders during the day so you won’t forget. It can be something as silly as scheduling small meals so you graze all day rather than eat 3 heavy meals, or it can remind you to do kegel exercises! The choice is yours.
For the die-hard type A’s amongst us the next app is for you.
NUTRITION MENU-CALORIE, EXERCISE, WEIGHT AND WATER TRACKING: This app provides you with everything from healthy tips, food suggestions, tracking of carbs, fat, how many calories you’ve consumed/burned, your cholesterol, sodium and sugar intake, how many glasses of water you drink per day and it shows you a journal with your intake summary per day and per week as well exercise features and plenty more.
So, there you go, just a few apps I’d suggest to get started with. They’re not only useful to have but it also allows you to ask yourself questions that you might not have thought about before, thus helping you make wiser choices about what you eat, drink and do every day. I will be monitoring what I eat over the next week and then I’ll design an exercise routine and “food consumption programme” which I’ll share on the blog, just in case you’re looking for some inspiration too.
Happy Monday!
(oh and here’s a few more food pics, just because…)

 Oh deal Lord. Please help me…


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