{Operation 118} Wedding Photography: Engagement Photo Basics

Task 6.

Get you engagement photos done.

Ok, so this isn’t one of those occasions where you ask uncle Bob with his fancy schmancy camera to take a few pictures of you smiling and holding hands.

Getting your engagement photos done by a professional wedding, lifestyle or portrait photographer is an opportunity for you and your fiancé to get intimate. And by that, I mean, getting into that couple bubble, and being who you are every day, behind closed walls, and having a photographer whose work you admire and who you trust, to capture those moments that make you unique as a couple. Whether you’re other half is a cheeky monkey who gets a kick out of pinching your bum and being playful, or he’s the more reserved kind of guy who has his own unique way of showing you that you’re the most important woman in his world, there is something very private and special about having engagement photos done.

You can go to the spot where you first shared that kiss that sent electricity down your spine, or the location of that momentous date you once had. Whatever the location or the reason there are plenty of ideas and concepts to choose from and if you’re stuck for ideas, not to worry because I bet you’re photographer already has a few in mind as a backup. Go for a stroll in the woods, park or even on the seafront. Have a coffee, a cupcake, go on a boat ride, or just pick a spot that you like and have your photos done there.

You’ll be followed by you photographer (initially from a distance) who might guide you and give you different activities to do which bring out that natural reaction and sparkle that made you and your husband-to-be fall in love with each other in the first place. The photographer will be there to capture these moments as they naturally unfold and to eternify the chemistry you share today.
These photographs will last your entire lives, if you keep them in a safe place and make sure you get your images printed on good quality printing paper. They will act as a constant reminder of that excitement you shared when you first decided to spend the rest of your lives together.

Use the pictures for:

-Wedding invitations, save the date or newspaper announcements
-Gifts for family and friends
-Have large prints made, the images projected onto a wall, presented on an LCD screen, which you can display at the wedding reception or your engagement party
-Have a large canvas , acrylic print  or collage made for your home (perfect for your lounge or bedroom wall)
– Have the images showcased on your personal wedding website along with all the directions and instructions for guests on your big day
-Make a guest Book that incorporates some of your photographs
-Wedding favors (buttons/ fridge magnets/key rings/ notepads/ candy wrappers/ place settings/ personalized rock sweets etc)

It’s a valuable experience to have because:

~ If you’ve already chosen your wedding photographer, you can meet up and get to know each other
~You can let your photographer know in advance if there are any shots, poses or angles that you do not care for.
~You can have your hair and make-up tried and tested before the wedding and make the most of it by getting your photographs done on the same day
~You might feel more at ease getting to know what it’s like to be professionally photographed
~You will gain more confidence and excitement as the shoot unfolds
~It’s a fun activity to do with your fiancée and a great way to learn something new about each other
~On your wedding day you are more likely to look forward to having your pictures taken because of the pre-established relationship and trust you share with your photographer


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