{Operation 118} Wedding budget for a modern UK bride.

263 days left till W-Day

A week ago I posted the question: “When should I get married?” to my friends, blog readers and a few forums on Facebook. The response I got was quite varied. Many people congratulated me, some were puzzled as to why I would ask others to help me set the date?!? and then some responses I got were funny in that, those who ACTUALLY read the blog post, saw the irony and humor in it and wished me well on my under cover mission to get into the mind of a bride.Quite literally.

I did receive 2 offers for bridesmaids and 2 more offers for grooms, (should I need the extra help to make the mission more believable ) I might just need the help at some point. Cake/wine tasting perhaps?

So the winning date, received a close 57.47% of the votes. Drum roll please? Trrrrrrrrr…..chhhhh!!!

My imaginary wedding will take place on the 28th April 2012.  That sets the countdown at T minus 263 days. That’s 38 weeks. Oh em gee! So, I guess if I take the 188 tasks and divide them by the days I have left to plan, excluding weekends, (just because I don’t want to pull a bride-zilla on yo behind!), I have to complete at least 1 task per day. EEK!

So… TheKnot.com has listed my first few tasks as a bride to be, and here they are:

1. Start a notebook/file folder to house all your wedding-planning paperwork in one place. ( Done… I’ll be using my Blog for this and a few desktop folders)

2. Decide on a wedding budget and hash out who’s contributing to the wedding?
( Ermmm ok, so Budget?) 

Google tells me that the average UK wedding costs around £21 000.  

On various online forums people have also asked… “How much should I spend on my wedding?” and it varies. Usually starting from around £14 000, excluding the cost of the wedding rings.
With our current economic climate, I imagine, many brides (like me ^_^), have to look for and find creative ways to get what we want. I can either pretend I have a limitless budget, or I can be realistic and look for ways to make my budget stretch. How about, I post 3 budget options on my FB page and you can help me in deciding which is the most realistic budget for the world we live in today. On average, how much should I plan to spend?
-Finally. Who contributes to pay for what? In an ideal world, we’d all have family helping us pay for the most expensive bits, however, this is not always an option. Living in a mixed society we’re not always choosing to marry a partner from the same culture, background and religion either, which complicates things even more. So let’s adapt to the times, and have a modern wedding. Here’s an article outlining the who pays for what, at your wedding.

I’ll imagine, my hunky groom and I, will have a civil ceremony. 
Big party at night. 
Lots of people.

Now, please help me choose a budget so I can tell you if we’re planning to get wed indoors or out. ^_^

PS…Have you seen my fabulously gorgeous engagement ring yet?? (Budget was limitless for that one.. and the best part is, I got to choose it myself! haha)

This beauty is from Lieberfarb. It’s a platinum double halo vintage inspired engagement ring, featuring 0.31 carats
diamond accents and mil-grain beaded trim. Amazing isn’t it? Photo credit: www.lieberfarb.com


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