{ Operation 118} I’m getting married!

OHH EMM GGGEEE!! I’m getting married!! I cannot believe it. I don’t know who the lucky guy is but dammit I’m excited!
Ok, ok… before you call, I’m not really getting married (hangs my head in shame), BUT, I’m going under-cover as a nervous, inexperienced, first time bride to be. Yup! I know… I’m so excited that I’ve decided to invite each and every one of my Blog readers to hop along for the journey.

So where do I start?

I’ll start where I did 8 or so years ago when I first started getting curious about weddings. I randomly stumbled upon, what is now one of my favorite wedding websites of all time.

TheKnot.com is a fantastic website, filled to the brim with fresh ideas and fantastic ways to get organized. Initially I just signed up to gain access to all the amaaahzingly fabulaaahhhs wedding dresses they had on show, but soon after I came back to planet earth and continued about my normal business. Every so often, going back for a sneak peek! It’s fun to dream (so let me have this one, ok?)
Anyway, I signed up with a fake US postal address, as I live in the UK, and as you need one to sign up with I just improvised and googled “US POSTAL ADDRESS” which came up with a random postcode from Texas…(PS- If you’ve received newsletters from Theknot.com for a Nadine Burzler, those were meant for me. And ermmmm, thank you, for letting me borrow your postcode!)

I enter my details and it requests I put down a date. Date? I haven’t quite thought about a date to get married yet. What season should it be? Summer? Winter? So again with the improv, you, (yes you) will have to help me set the date! I’ll be posting 3 dates on my Facebook page, which you would have to vote for. The date with the most votes, wins. Closing date for voting is Tuesday the 9th, August 2011.
And so, when the date has been set, I’ll know what timeframe I have to work with and the countdown will commence.

You might have noticed that the site is geared towards the US market, Dollars and cents and all that jazz, however I’m sure the basics will still remain the same. You can help me decide on a budget, who my guests will be, what music I should play and I’ll be taking pictures, making videos, taking notes, asking uncomfortable questions, bartering my butt off and more…

As far as theKnot.com is concerned, I have 188 tasks that need to be completed. That’s a lot! So be kind, give me enough time, help and share ideas, and together we can discover more about the wedding-planning-bride-to-be world. Under-cover!

So, first things first. Seeeet theeee daaaate HERE.


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