{Wedding Photography Review} Michael and Phyllis

{UPDATE} On Monday, 15 August 2011, Michael passed away after fighting a battle with Cancer. My heart goes out to his friends, family and loved ones.

I just had to post a few reviews, because it’s people like Marie and her family that make my heart go all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you soooo much Marie and Family, and also thank you Scott for referring me. I owe you one! x

Thank you so so much for the memory stick with all the photos. That was so kind of you. The photos are out of this world and if I know of anyone who needs an amazing photographer in the future it will be your name that I put forward. I’m so glad and so happy that Scott thought of you as the photographer for the wedding.
Marie xx

So beautiful, so natural, you really captured the feeling and essence of the occasion. I should know, I was there 🙂 Love them, well done.

You did them proud. I enjoyed spotting a few familiar faces – including the kids. And your mobility without a sidekick – did I see the car leaving the wedding and then arriving at the reception? Magic.(?)

Just wanted to thank you for capturing the memories for us, we are so looking forward to seeing the photos and your comments are beautiful. My mum and Michael had a wonderful day and it was even more special than we could have possibly hoped for. Being surrounded by so many friends and family was truly amazing.
Caroline x 


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