I’m on the world’s best digital music jukebox. Itunes.

Last year the super lovely and incredibly selfless Stephen Cotterell asked me if I would like to have a recorded conversation with him. I had absolutely no idea why that happened because at that time I had a strong feeling I would have nothing valuable to say. So I declined Stephen’s kind offer, with a “maybe oneday”.
The year ended and I kept working my usual day job, continuing to learn and struggle as all newbies do in their spare time. Months passed and the topic was approached again. I still wasn’t sure. What would I say?? Make a fool out of myself? No way! ( My EGO was taking control and decided to make decisions for me). Months passed again and I started to think about all the opportunities I say no to. Many-many-many opportunities.
Ashamed of my realization, I decided to stop hiding and start getting out of my comfort zone. Waaay out!
Stephen assured me there was no right or wrong, assured me that it was all going to be ok and that we would just be having a chat. I bought it. I went with it, I decided “balls to the wall!” and so sent him a message asking to be his Number.6 if he’d still have me. The offer still stood and so we arranged to meet at the Hotel Du Vin in Brighton and what happened next is available on Stephen’s Podcast PHOTOGRAPHY 121.

After Stephen and I had our chat, I felt very uneasy and exposed. Not because of Stephen, but only because of my own negative core beliefs. It’s taken me quite a few months to once again get over my ego and actually promote this episode, so here goes… 
(BTW Many other photographers have been interviewed since then, and have their own stories to tell in their own way. We’re all different, we’re just regular people who sometimes struggle to string a sentence together and we all have our own history. If you’d like to listen to the whole series, just go onto Itunes >>PODCASTS>>and Search – “Photography121”  I know Stephen would love-love-love to hear from you as well so if you have time, please leave him a comment for all his hard work.


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