One way to keep your relationships snap-happy and fun

Whether you’re married, engaged in a relationship or just test driving BMW’s, one thing is for sure, it should always be fun. If you ever feel like things are getting a bit static or stagnant and you’re looking for new innovative ways to get creative and spice up the mundane and monotonous without getting ahead of yourself, then a great way to do so is through the use of smart phones and social media.

If you’re an iphone fanatic like myself, then “Instagram” is a free app that should be No. 1 on your must have list.  I use it all the time. It allows me to take a photo anywhere with sufficient light, and then enhance it  through using different presets. Presets can  increase the contrast, tones and hues of pictures to make them more modern or vintage-looking depending on your mood and the effect you are trying to create.

Using Social Media and Smart Phones (…as an aphrodisiac)
A great way to keep any relationship fresh and fun, is to set little tasks for each other. Little challenges that flex that creative muscle and gets the creative energy flowing.

Set your handbrake a task and get him or her to challenge you back once the first task has been fulfilled. Give each other specific time frames and any other rules that make the task at hand even more challenging and fun.

As soon as you’ve taken a picture of (whatever the challenge was about…ie: Photograph something funny, something crazy, something ridiculous, something beautiful…) you should be able to send it directly by e-mail or MMS and then get the verdict. Winning games like these could become valuable and points could be redeemed for household chores, dinners, holidays, cars…you name it!)
If you keep it, light, fun and “clean”, you’ll have something new to talk about at the end of the day, you’ll learn more about each other and you’ll start noticing things like you’ve never noticed them before. Give it a go.


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