A great way to make someone’s day.

OOOoohhhh I’m soo excited to show you the following images, I feel like a little puppy whose owner just came home from work. Ohhhh joy!!

So here it is, a sneak peak into what will be included in every package I offer from now on. ( except the voucher of course, which is only included for those who buy a package for a friend or relative or colleague…)

I’m in the midst of re-branding and re-building my website where I’ll be including vouchers as a new “buy it now” option, as well as adding a few new features to the website and Blog. I think it’s very important to keep things fresh and so as my business and I evolve, the logo, the website and the blog will have to keep up! First half of the year is gone and so it’s time for a fresh change. Sooo ermmm if you can, try to think of me as the “Madonna” of the photography world. (re-invention-wise that is..)

PS* I’ll keep you posted on the details and changes as they unfold…


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