The UK Shutter Rock Photographer’s Festival {Promo Shoot}

On Sunday I met with a big bunch of fabulahhs, successful and super duper talented photographers here in Brighton, to shoot the promo shots for the hugely anticipated photographer’s festival coming up in November later this year. Shutter Rock (aptly named) is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. In less than 5 months the group has gone from 1 to 739 members strong. It’s growing such a rapid pace as photographers everywhere are tuning into the grapevine, and being educated by their peers. This event is to become one of the biggest photography festivals the UK (if not worldwide).
Never mind all the hype, it’s definitely not going to be for the faint at heart. We have some of the best and most experienced award winning international wedding and portrait photographers confirmed to run workshops, master classes and hang-out’s. This is an opportunity to learn from the absolute best out there and possibly even have a beer with a few of them too. 24/7. Yup you heard me right!
Wherever you see the following badge on Facebook Profiles…

…be sure that you’ll know- that they know- what you know, it’s going to be awe-summ. So…as soon as the official site has launched I’ll let you know where you can get your tickets.

Here’s a few “photies” taken by moi on the day (yesterday).

The uber fabulous Miss. Claudia Carter. Founder of
Official “Shutter Rock 15 Promo Shoot Photographer” Gary Lashmar aka Marshal Gray with the super talented web and graphic designer Melissa Love from
Anything the get “the” shot.
Joe Sacco
Joe and Jayne Sacco (Fellow East Sussex Photographers) from Sacco & Sacco Photography with Shutter Rock Founder Jaz Ampaw Farr
Left: Surrey Photographer – Carey Sheffield with London Photographer Emma Jane Richards from

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