{Webisode No.2} Rebecca Simmonds

Introducing: Rebecca Simmonds

1. Tell us about yourself. When and how did you start writing songs?
I’ve always loved the stage. I was one of those children who spent my life in a world of musical theater, wearing stage make-up too young and dancing to eager parents in local theaters. I grew out of this kind of showiness and in my teens decided that it would be much cooler to be an actor. I went to drama school. But, I’ve always had a secret desire to be a singer songwriter. I even sneaked out of class one day to have an induction at a music school in Guildford. I always looked at guitars with a kind of anger, and said, ‘I wish I could play’. Around six years ago, I was living in Stoke Newington. It was summer and I was out of work. There was a guy who used to hang around in the parks, he would play guitar all day and night, he was an alcoholic. I sat next to him in the park one day and said, ‘I wish I could…’ He showed me some chords. We laughed, we got along. I asked, ‘will you teach me?’ He said, ‘yeah, alright’. For that whole summer he taught me alright. We meet for around an hour everyday. Then I started writing songs. 
2. Tell us about your music. Who do you write for and what do you write about?
I write songs for myself. To let off steam and for fun. I write about my feelings, observations, things that make me laugh, relationships, people, philosophies… anything that grabs me in that moment.
3. Where and how do you record your music?
On a boss micro br. It has changed my life.
4. Who inspires you musically?
My Mum and Dad introduced me to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Judie Tyke, King Crimson, the list is long… I loved their LP collection. My Nan was a singer, she used to sing in local halls and sometimes I would perform with her. She would sing Vera Lynn stuff and all the oldies. We would watch musicals together for hours on end. I love Bjork and Regina Spektor and many other singer songwriters. I love folk music and some country. One of my favorite bands is Old Crow Medicine Show. So many singers and bands inspire me.
5. Do you enjoy looking at photographs? If yes, which photographer’s work do you feel  inspired by?
Yes, Fay Godwin is great. So is my boyfriend’s photography
6. How do you feel about selling your songs to photographers to use on their slide shows?
It feels great. It’s a real compliment when somebody wants to use your song.

7. How can other photographer’s contact you for commissions?
You can e-mail me: bec.simmonds@gmail.com
8. What’s your life motto?
Follow your excitement.
9. What’s your work motto?
Get on with it.
10. What’s the best business advice you have ever received to date?
Business happens in cycles. It takes three years to establish yourself, six years of building on that, and then every decade be ready for change. If you’re not ready for change you will fail. 

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