Movies with substance and stunning cinematography…

I’ve been editing quite a lot over the last couple of weeks and sometimes, well, a girl just needs a bit of a break.
This evening I felt like watching a movie, so I searched for Movies with breathtaking cinematography, inspiring movies, movies for photographers, movies about photographers etc and found many suggestions, but can’t choose even one! and worst thing about reading reviews online is that often I start watching bits of movies, I’m not convinced, but then watch the rest hoping it will get better in the end- consequently discovering that I’ve wasted my time.
My all time favorite movies are Stealing Beauty, American Beauty, The Dreamers, The Pianist, 25th Hour , Empire of the Sun, Brief Encounter and finally the epic Motorcycle Diaries. I love these movies for many-many different reasons which I won’t bore you with today but would highly recommend you watch.
Which movies have you seen and would you recommend without hesitation?

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