The Preston Park Meet And Greet – Brighton

 Today, as I mentioned in my video yesterday, I went to Preston Park for an hour and a half, to photograph local people. The idea came about to meet more people and to connect with more families in the area and hopefully get more business. I have to be honest, it was coooold. Really cold, with hints of rain, no defined clouds and very few people. The vision I had was quite different to the reality at the time. Still fun, I was incredibly grateful for the people above who allowed me to not only meet them but also take their portrait. On Friday, (which was part of the deal) I will be posting these pictures, individually, on Facebook where they will be able to not only tag their images but also download them.
In retrospect, I’m glad there wasn’t too many people, as I’m planning to go back on Saturday, hoping and praying for the cold to clear and for people to come out and meet me. This setup was very simple and the portraits, although beautiful, are lacking something. I will definitely be doing something unique for Saturday in order to spruce up the images a bit and give them a unique feel.
Let’s see what I can come up with between now and then. So, I will be in Preston Park on Saturday the 21st May, along the main path, (centre-path) from 10-11am and then again from 4-5pm.
Hope to see you there!

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