|The Sleeping Fairy Princess| Blue Bell Season| {Maria Gardner}

My friend Maria called last week wanting to go on a short road trip to see the Bluebells as they are currently blossoming around the Haywards Heath area. In my mind I imagined fields and fields of bluebells and so felt the need to experiment with fashion and colors. I told Maria I’d like to take my camera along and it would be fab if she could model for me. Enthusiasm..Whoah! Let me tell you, Maria brought half her wardrobe, 5 pairs of killer heels (yup she has somewhat of a shoe “thing” going on) and a bag full of make-up. She was such a pro and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Once we got to the Bluebell Rail station there were no Bluebells!?! Only a train named Bluebell, which took passengers on the Bluebell journey. We didn’t want that, so we headed off in the opposite direction looking for these gorgeous velvety colored blossoms and ended up in a field with grass. GRASS! Oh and tonnes of stinging nettles! Never the less we found small patches of blossoming bluebells and so just stayed where we were. I experimented with Maria’s colorful make up and we selected a colorful outfit together after which I positioned her (uncomfortably) for what seemed like an hour, as the wind was blowing up a storm. Below are a few photos from this whimsical, colorful, sleeping damsel-a-la fairy- princess ‘esque setup… It was so much fun to be creative and edit these images differently to what I always do. I’m loving it, and hope you do too.

Business Psychologist and Super Model: Maria Gardner

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