| Guest Blogger| Alex Moore| {From the House of Alexander McQueen }

“Every wedding (dress) is a royal wedding (dress) – we are all kings & queens of Creation”
From the Bishop of London’s sermon at the Marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, April 29th 2011 (with blogger’s bracketed additions!)
And what a creation it was, That Dress, from the house of McQueen, no less. Sarah Burton’s beautiful masterpiece of ivory & white satin gazar with 9 ft train emulating an opening flower & laced bodice impressed all and left us sartorially sated.
But having watched the Royal Wedding on TV & listened to the commentary of the reporters, it strikes me that THE most important aspect of the whole day was, IS in fact, The Dress. But why is this so? Surely the wedding vows – the promises that the couple make to each other are of most import? Well clearly not.
But perhaps there is good reason for this. The promises are spoken word, but the presentation of oneself is word in action: the physical embodiment of one’s promises. You are what you wear – your attire speaks volumes. A woman’s wedding dress is like a modern day dowry displaying wealth (hence often voluminous skirts) and a symbol of fecundity: a physical promise of childbearing to continue the line of the Groom. But a Royal wedding dress gives weight to the promise of the nation to the world.
What then was Kate’s wedding dress as a statement? A promise of a marriage between tradition & modernity, sex appeal & reverence, and careful deployment of resources (as, by contrast, Diana’s train was 25 ft).
Yes clothing is the ultimate promise, and it is why people make up their minds about you in the first 10 seconds of your meeting. So what statement then are you making to the world about yourself? Spend some time in front of the mirror to honestly assess yourself, & get some honest opinion from trusted friends and ask what they see your image as. An image consultant can also unbiased opinion, and aid you in creating the image you would like to convey, underpinned by analysis of your colouring and body shape. We all have an image – is yours serving you and the people around you the best? If not then it’s time to refresh.

Until next time,


{*If you have any colour or styling questions for Alex (men included), please post them on the Facebook Page and we’ll try to address them there or via a future Blogpost}


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