Gresham Blake’s Royal Wedding Event with Personal Style and Image Consultant Alex Moore

A week or so ago the fabulous Brighton Image and Style Consultant, Alex Moore, invited me to attend Gresham Blake’s Royal Wedding Event where guests were able to see and buy exclusive previews of their Summer collection. Alex was there to provide some insight on style choices and also give shoppers their very own personal color analysis.
A few months ago, I was also lucky to have this experience. Alex sat with me for over an hour, and with her unobtrusive manner she went through almost every color under the sun, comparing warm and cold tones with my skin tone, so I could see the difference color makes to my complexion along with assessing which colors would enhance my positive features and ensure I wear my clothes, rather than having my clothes wear me. In my personal opinion nothing beats going to a professional and finding your own personal description. Gaining insight on how others may perceive me, based on the colors I choose to wear gives me the power to control that first encounter with a client.

Initially I had no idea what to expect but Alex carefully and tactfully guided me through the session with useful hints and tips on which items I could purchase to enhance my wardrobe along with complementing my figure and skin.

Exclusive News!!
AlexMooreStyle and I are currently in talks to bring you a wonderful package which will include a personal style and color consultation with Alex along with a photo session with me to celebrate your new found knowledge of how to enhance what you’ve already got and then shake what your momma gave ya! With Alex’s fabulous advice, direction from me on how to pose to show off your most natural and beautiful self, you’re guaranteed to walk away not only with a life changing, confidence building experience, that’s more fun than fun itself, but also with a beautiful images to show your friends and family across the world.

Make sure you check back next week for this exclusive offer..! And as Mrs. Alex Moore is a very busy lady with her Arbonne Business and her Image and Style Consulting, this offer will be for a limited time only with limited time slots to choose from. Make sure to e-mail me ( ) to let me know if you’d like to be of the first to be notified when this fantastic package launches.

Below are some images from the Royal Wedding Event and Alex in action!


Mr. Gresham Blake


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