{Mini-Weekend break (roadtrip) to Weymouth with Kerli…}

Getting out of Brighton for two days was a fabulous excuse to take some pictures…(not that I needed one…)
We were here..
These crabs STANK! They must have been there for a few days along with crates full of Dogfish. ew!
Seems like Weymouth has also been infected with “Bieber-Fever”
“Cream team”-Nadine Stylee  (Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam aaand cheese.
On our way home we took a left turn and ended up in the middle of nowhere looking for a place to eat. A helpful farmer guided us to The George Inn and the food was soo lovely I just had to take pictures of it! I LOOOVE good food!
Braised Lamb-Shank- Yum
Thai Chicken with Noodles…

There were plenty more photos taken including some shots of Bournemouth where we stayed overnight. Feel free to check them out on Instagram. Search for me using @NadineBurzler or post your profile below ^_^

Kerli and I also went to ‘V’ Bournemouth ‘s Hed Kandi night on Saturday. Hands down this is one of the BEST clubs I have EVER been to! Check it out here!

Hope you had a fabulously sunny weekend too! x


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