Preserving memories {Family Photography}

For me, Sundays are family days. Most Sundays I visit my dad and granddad to catch up, talk photography, eat yummmmy cooked meals and just watch a bit of Sunday TV.  Last Sunday my 82 year old granddad took his wallet from his pocket and I caught a glimpse of a little photo hidden between his library and bank cards.

Back in the day my granddad was a very handsome man. Now, in his 80’s these handsome features have faded, but they live on in my dad and my brothers. Seeing my grandparents, young, happy and in love made me want to pick up our family book again to take another look…

My dad made our family book using an online company called photobox. This book contains photographs which are more than triple my age old, I wasn’t even a thought when they were taken! Now I can’t imagine what life was even like back then, but these photos give me some indication,  and even though I’ve never met my great grandparents, looking at these photographs makes me feel closer to them.

My gran, who passed away a few years ago was a very special lady. She still is. As a little girl, I remember my “ouma” telling me stories of how she used to work in a photo lab. At that time, colour film wasn’t available yet and her job was to add the colour during post production. I wish I could talk photography with her now as creativity seems to run in my whole family’s blood, but only a few of us are addicted to photography.

Here are a few special photos from this magical book filled with fabulous memories, fabulous people and fabulous images. We are so fortunate to live in a time where taking photographs and capturing memories is so easy, and to be able to compile a book full of memories makes it all just that little bit more special. If you’d like to create your own family photo-book, make sure to give PHOTOBOX a go…

My Great Grandmother
My Great Grandfather
My Granddad and his father in the Austrian Mountains…
My Grandfather

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