(Q & A) Nadine Burzler Photography

A few weeks ago I was asked the following questions by a fellow photographer. Thought I’d share my answers with you too. 🙂

Question:  Tell me about your favorite photograph of all the ones you’ve ever taken.  What makes it your favorite?
That’s a difficult question really. There are those images I feel are technically accurate (ie: sharp, perfectly exposed, well composed, etc…) and then those that I feel are esthetically beautiful. Also those which evoke some sort of feeling or emotion in me and then again those which I remember as being tonnes of fun. It’s very difficult because I love all my photos for different reasons, but the one which I feel embodies my style the most and which I adore for exactly that reason is this one with Verity Bird. It’s unexpected, beautiful and although it’s posed to a certain extent, it’s dramatic, classic and still very modern: 
Verity Bird – Newhaven Harbour
Who or what inspires you as a photographer?
Possibility and perception inspires me. The possibility that lies in all the untapped potential around us and within us. It doesn’t matter how big the obstacle, how few the resources, how limited the skills…regardless of what we perceive our current emotional, physical or environmental limitations to be- There will always be someone who could be in the exact same situation and experience something completely different and unique at the same time. Therefore, the possibilities are endless. 

What are you most looking for in your photographs?  What do you want to capture?
Narrative, beauty and emotion. The context embedded within beautiful imagery is completely subjective depending on who the viewer of the image is. Photographs communicate many different things, to many different people and because it’s all about perception, I think subconsciously I’m always aware of that. I always prefer to present clients with a collection of images that make their hearts pump chocolate. That speak to them on a personal level…and in order to achieve this, I have to get to know them as much as I can before the shoot in order to have an idea of what exactly I’ll be looking to capture on their behalf.
How did you first get into photography?     
I watched my dad, who is a photographer. He would sit next to cricket pitches, rugby fields and roads photographing athletes all day. My curiosity grew from observing him and how content he looked, being on his own. I was on my own at the time, feeling unfulfilled, miserable and completely lost and so observation turned into hunger. I was looking for something but had no idea what exactly, I just knew it was within the realm of Art. One day it was as if a bug had bit me and I was hooked on Photography. I still don’t remember exactly what happened or when exactly, but something (maybe the images on I-stock?) struck a cord within me and I researched and researched photography and photographers until 3am every morning for the next 3 months or so after that…initially I thought the novelty would ware off but I soon realized my fascination with photography was not just a phase. I approached my dad and asked him to teach me the basics. Photography became our main topic of conversation and 3 months later he sold me his first professional camera after which he handed me the boring looking manual and said: “Read this and get to know your camera. It’s the most important thing you can do.”
I read the manual once, and then parked my butt on the grass in Preston Park one afternoon, pressing every button and changing every setting on my camera to try and figure out what it’s function or purpose was. Photography became my obsession. It consumed me and still does to this minute….It’s a constant journey of discovery.
I am now building a business and surrounding myself with ambitious and inspiring people who I can observe and learn from on a constant basis…and my dad and I still happily talk photography every Sunday over lunch, only now he’s not just my dad but also my teacher and mentor and personal photo critic. : )

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